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Case #1 [Temporary Assistance, 10/20/2015]
Case #2 [PGA Tour 10/27/2015]
Case #3 [The IPO Market, 11/17/2015]
Case #4 [Market Volatility, 12/1/2015]

Midterm Exam [11/3/2015]
Final Exam [12/8/2015, 1:30-4:30 PM, G118]
Course Grades

Introduction to the Course

Eviews Tutorial [PDF handout]

Review of Multiple Regression

Functional form [Using Logs & dummy variables, Ritalin data]

Regression Prediction [Ritalin data]

Heteroskedasticity [Nonconstant error variance, sales data]

Qualitative Dependent Variables [Epidural data] Trend & Seasonality Autocorrelation and Time Series Analysis [Stock prices & inflation] ARMA Models Foreign Exchange Data Lydia Pinkham Sales & Advertising Data Boston Marathon Data JFE Submission Data GARCH Models [Xerox stock returns, again] Interest rates & inflation examples
Eviews Workfiles

Wine price data

Wine price data [zipped Excel file]

Monroe County Temporary Assistance data

Monroe County Temporary Assistance data [Excel file]

Ritalin data

2015 PGA Performance data

2015 PGA Performance data [zipped Excel file]

Logs examples

Sales data

Xerox stock price data

CPI inflation data

Gold and other prices

IPOs and Initial Returns

JFE submission data

Sales & advertising data

Boston marathon data

Epidural anesthetic data

Golf ball data

Monthly Foreign Exchange Rates [Averages of daily data within each month, 1971-2015]

Daily Foreign Exchange Rates [1971-2015]

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