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Graded assignments:

Assignment 1 [due 4/4/2013]

Assignment 2 [due 4/25/2013]

Assignment 3 [due 5/9/2013]

Discussion Assignments
Introduction to the Course
Venture Capital and Initial Public Offerings of Common Stock
Primary Distributions of Seasoned Stock, Underwriting, Rights and Private Placements
Corporate Bond Financing
Intra-Firm Exchange Offers, Recapitalizations, & Convertible Debt
Repurchase Tender Offers
Interfirm Tender Offers, Mergers and Corporate Control
Going Private/Leveraged Buyouts
Defensive Tactics
The Value of Corporate Control
Divestitures and Spinoffs (Not Available)

Course Evaluation

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Some Papers Done by FIN 423 Students:

National Fuel Gas [David Kroth]

Airline Mergers [Sagar Mukim]

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