Study Group Grading Rules

I believe that group projects are an important method of teaching teamwork. Nevertheless, even within teams it is important to reward superlative performance (of both types).

FIN 423/523 group assignments will be graded according to the following rules. For all group assignments, the total group score equals the average group score (weighted by the number of possible points for each assignment) times the number of students in the group. On the last day of class (May 16), each group will turn in their grade-allocation sheet containing:

  1. the percentage (summing to 100%) of the total group score that each member by name is to receive towards his/her final grade, and

  2. the signature of each group member.

If one group member's signature is missing, the grade allocation sheet is valid and binding on all members. If two or more signatures are missing, the allocation sheet is invalid and the group's score will be allocated equally among the members. I will not arbitrate disputes among group members. No grade allocation sheets will be accepted after May 16.
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