FIN 514 - Spring 2018
Discussion Assignments
Date Paper Time/Place Name*
Sep. 04, 2018 Introduction G120, 1-4 Bill Schwert
Background info on Mergers & Acquisitions Bill Schwert
Background info on Merger Strategy Bill Schwert
Sep. 11, 2018 Schwert, G. William, “Markup Pricing in Mergers and Acquisitions,” Journal of Financial Economics, 41 (June 1996) 153-192 G120, 1-4 Bill Schwert
Schwert, G. William, “Hostility in Takeovers: In the Eyes of the Beholder,” Journal of Finance, 55 (December 2000) 2599-2640 Bill Schwert
Sep. 18, 2018 Background info on Going Private G120, 1-4 Bill Schwert
Bharath, Sreedhar T., and Dittmar, Amy K., "Why Do Firms Use Private Equity to Opt Out of Public Markets?" The Review of Financial Studies, 23 (May 2010) 1771-1818. Mykola Pinchuk
Bharath-Dittmar, RFS 2010 Slides Mykola Pinchuk
Sep. 25, 2018 Background info on Defensive Tactics G120, 1-4 Bill Schwert
Comment, Robert and G. William Schwert, “Poison or Placebo? Evidence on the Deterrence and Wealth Effects of Modern Antitakeover Measures,” Journal of Financial Economics, 39 (September 1995) 3-43 Bill Schwert
Oct. 02, 2018 Ahern, Kenneth R., “Bargaining power and industry dependence in mergers,” Journal of Financial Economics, 103 (March 2012) 530-550. G120, 1-4 Yifei Lu
Ahern, JFE 2012 Slides Yifei Lu
Christophe Perignon, David Thesmar, and Guillaume Vuillemey, "Wholesale funding dry-ups," Journal of Finance, 73 (April 2018) 575-617.  Robert Mann
Oct. 09, 2018 Azar, Jose, Martin C. Schmalz, and Isabel Tecu, "Anticompetitive Effects of Common Ownership," Journal of Finance, 73 (August 2018) 1513-1565. G120, 1-4 Xuyuanda Qi
Azar, Schmalz, and Tecu slides Xuyuanda Qi
Vicente Cuñat, Mireia Giné and Maria Guadalupe, "Price and Probability: Decomposing the Takeover Effects of Anti-Takeover Provisions," WP 2016. Ran Duan
Cuñat, Giné and Guadalupe slides Ran Duan
Daines, Robert, “Does Delaware Law Improve Firm Value?” Journal of Financial Economics, 62 (December 2001) 525-558. John Yang
Oct. 16, 2018 Background info on the Value of Votes G120, 1-4 Bill Schwert
Kenneth R. Ahern, "Information networks: Evidence from illegal insider trading tips," Journal of Financial Economics, 125 (2017) 26-47. David Swanson
Oct. 23, 2018 Bereskin, F. L., & Cicero, D. C. (2013). CEO compensation contagion: Evidence from an exogenous shock. Journal of Financial Economics, 107(2), 477-493. G120, 1-4 Ray Gao
Radhakrishnan Gopalan, Todd Milbourn, Fenghua Song, and Anjan V. Thakor, "Duration of Executive Compensation," Journal of Finance, 69 (December 2014) 2777-2817. Tianyang Zheng
Oct. 30, 2018 G120, 1-4
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