FIN 514 - Spring 2018
Discussion Assignments
Date Paper Time/Place Name*
May. 14, 2018 Introduction G120, 1-4 Bill Schwert
Background info on VC Bill Schwert
Background info on IPOs Bill Schwert
May. 21, 2018 G120, 1-4
Lowry, Michelle and G. William Schwert, “IPO Market Cycles: Bubbles or Sequential Learning?” Journal of Finance, 57 (June 2002) 1171-1200 Bill Schwert
Lowry, Michelle and G. William Schwert, “Is the IPO Pricing Process Efficient?” Journal of Financial Economics, 71 (January 2004) 3-26 Bill Schwert
Lowry, Michelle Micah S. Officer, and G. William Schwert, “The Variability of IPO Initial Returns,” Journal of Finance, 65 (April 2010) 425–465 Bill Schwert
May. 25, 2018 G119, 1:30-4:30
Background info on SEOs Bill Schwert
Harry DeAngelo, Linda DeAngelo, and Toni M. Whited, "Capital structure dynamics and transitory debt," Journal of Financial Economics, 99 (2011) 235-261 Xuyuanda Qi
Vikrant Vig, "Access to Collateral and Corporate Debt Structure: Evidence from a Natural Experiment," JF, 68 (June 2013) 881-928 Srinivasan Rangarajan
Powerpoint slides Srinivasan Rangarajan
Jun. 01, 2018 G120, 1:30-4:30
Michael Dambra, Bryce Schonberger, and Charles Wasley, "Voluntary Disclosure and Firm Visibility: Evidence from Private Firms” working paper Bryce Schonberger 
Florian Heider and Alexander Ljungqvist, "As certain as debt and taxes: Estimating the tax sensitivity of leverage from state tax changes," JFE, 118 (December 2015) 684-712 Yifei Lu
Powerpoint slides Yifei Lu
Alan D. Crane, Andrew Koch, and Sebastien Michenaud, Institutional Investor Cliques and Governance, JFE, forthcoming David Swanson
Jun. 11, 2018 G120, 1-4
Background info on debt offerings Bill Schwert
Ian R. Appel, Todd A. Gormley, and Donald B. Keim, "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Effect of Passive Investors on Activism," 2016 Tianyang Zheng
Powerpoint slides Tianyang Zheng
Ulrike Malmendier, Marcus M. Opp, Farzad Saidi, "Target revaluation after failed takeover attempts: Cash versus stock," JFE, 119 (January 2016), 92-106 Ran Duan
Shai Bernstein, “Does going public affect innovation?” Journal of Finance 70 (August 2015) 1365- 1403 John Yang
Jun. 13, 2018 G120, 1-4ish
Background info on recapitalizations Bill Schwert
R. David McLean, Jeffrey Pontiff, and Akiko Watanabe, "Share issuance and cross-sectional returns: International evidence," JFE, 94 (2009) 1-17 Mykola Pinchuk
Powerpoint slides Mykola Pinchuk
Michael Ewens and Matt Marx," Founder Replacement and Startup Performance," The Review of Financial Studies, 31 (April 2018) 1532–1565 Rui Gao
Eric Floyd, Nan Li, Nan and Douglas J. Skinner, "Payout Policy Through the Financial Crisis: The Growth of Repurchases and the Resilience of Dividends," Journal of Financial Economics, Forthcoming Robert Mann
Background info on stock repurchases Bill Schwert
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