FIN 532 Announcements

We will try to post new information on this web page.

Please check the discussion assignment page regularly to keep track of what papers will be discussed and who is leading the discussion.

When new papers are added to the course, they will be shown on the web course outline . In most cases, a PDF file will be linked from the outline. You should use this to print and read the paper for the class (i.e., we will not be handing out hard copies).

Our first class meeting will be from 1-4PM in G120 on Thurs 3/29. We plan to give you an overview of the course and then talk about "Market Efficiency."

You should look at the course web page to familiarize yourself with the course requirements:

and read Bill's anomalies paper to prepare for that lecture:

One thing you will be asked to do is lead the discussion of one (or more) papers on the reading list sometime during the quarter. You might want to look at the list of topics and think now about what you might want to discuss. Feel free to suggest a paper that is not currently on the reading list (but we retain the right to decide if the paper you choose is appropriate for this course).

You will also be responsible for beginning a research project before the end of the quarter that is at least somewhat related to the topics in this course, so you might also start thinking about what you would like to learn about/research.

See you on 3/29.

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