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Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance

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Introduction to the Course [PDF]
Venture Capital [PDF]
Initial Public Offerings of Common Stock [PDF]
IPO Market Cycles: Bubbles or Sequential Learning? [PDF]
The Variability of IPO Initial Returns [PDF]
Two-sided matching in Venture Capital [PDF]
Institutional Allocation in Initial Public Offerings: Empirical Evidence [PDF]
The JOBS Act and IPO volume: Evidence that disclosure costs affect the IPO decision [PDF]
Do IPO firms purchase analyst coverage? [PDF]
In Search of Attention [PDF]
Why donít US issuers demand European fees for IPOs? [PDF]
Control as a motivation for underpricing: A comparison of dual and single-class IPOs [PDF]
Does going public affect innovation? [PDF]
Competing for Securities Underwriting Mandates: Bank Relationships and Analyst Recommendation [PDF]
Primary Distributions of Seasoned Stock, Underwriting, Rights and Private Placements [PDF]
The role of institutional investors in seasoned equity offerings [PDF]
Corporate Bond Financing [PDF]
Convertibles and Hedge Funds as Distributors of Equity Exposure [PDF]
Intra-Firm Exchange Offers, Recapitalizations, & Convertible Debt [PDF]
Disappearing call delay and dividend-proected convertible bonds [PDF]
Repurchase Tender Offers [PDF]
Firms as Buyers of Last Resort [PDF]
Interfirm Tender Offers, Mergers and Corporate Control [PDF]
M&A Strategy [PDF]
Markup Pricing [PDF]
Firm Size and the Gains from Acquisitions [PDF]
Leverage and Corporate Performance: Evidence from Unsuccessful Takeovers [PDF]
Financing and Takeovers [PDF]
Hostility in Takeovers: In the Eyes of the Beholder? [PDF]
Riding the merger wave: Uncertainty, reduced monitoring, and bad acquisitions [PDF]
Going Private/Leveraged Buyouts [PDF]
The effects of management buyouts on operating performance and value [PDF]
Why Do Firms Use Private Equity to Opt Out of Public Markets? [PDF]
The performance of private equity funds [PDF]
Defensive Tactics [PDF]
Poison or Placebo? Evidence on the Deterrence and Wealth Effects of Modern Antitakeover Measures [PDF]
Capital Structure and Corporate Control: The Effect of Antitakeover Statues on Firm Leverage [PDF]
The Value of Corporate Control [PDF]
Private Benefits from Control of Public Corporations [PDF]
Syndicated Angel Investments [PDF]

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