G. William Schwert
Service & Professional Activities

Journals & Professional Associations

Journal of Financial Economics, Managing Editor, 1995-present; (Advisory Editor, 1986-89; Editor, 1979-86 & 1989-95; Associate Editor, 1977-78).

Journal of Finance, Associate Editor, 1983-2000.

Journal of Monetary Economics, Associate Editor, 1984-95; Advisory Editor, 1995-2008.

Journal of Accounting and Economics, Associate Editor, 1978-87.

Advisory Board, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 1988-present; Midland Corporate Finance Journal, 1982-87; Chase Financial Quarterly, 1981-82.

Director, American Finance Association, 1987-89.

Chair, Business and Economics Section, American Statistical Association, 1990 (Chair-elect, 1989).

Commissioner, Shadow Securities and Exchange Commission, 1995-97.

Simon School Committees

Committee on Promotion & Tenure, Simon School, 1983-86, 1990-present (Chair, 1994-present).

Policy Committee, 1986-94.

DBA Committee, Simon School, 1993.

Ph.D. Committee, Simon School, 1977-90, (Chair, 1986-90).

Coordinator of Finance Group, Simon School, 1980-81.

University of Rochester Committees

Search Committee for Vice President for Investments, 2000.

Search Committee for Chief Information Officer (Chair), 1998-99.

Administrative Cost Review Task Force (Chair), 1994-95.

Faculty Senate, 1992-95.

Budget Committee, 1990-96 (Co-Chair, 1991-96).

Search Committee for Simon School Dean, 1982-83, 1990-91, and 1993.

Council on Graduate Studies, 1980-82 and 1986-90.

Ad hoc Committee on External Relations, 1987-88.

Committee to Evaluate Simon School Dean, 1987.

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